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S02. James Bond: The Brosnan Era Roundtable

August 16, 2021


Agents Scott and Cam, along with guest operatives Tom Butler from The James Bond A-Z Podcast and Shayla from Sweet Time with Shayla & Chelsea, send Pierce Brosnan off in style as they convene to debate the legacy of his 007 era, and its best and worst elements.    

The hosts also welcome Nicolás Suszczyk, author of "For England, James: Notes on the Visual Impact of GoldenEye," to the show to hear his thoughts on Brosnan's contributions, as well as check in with past Bond review guests Dr. Lisa Funnell, Janine and Em.

Check out The James Bond A-Z Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

Make sure to visit Sweet Time with Shayla & Chelsea on YouTube.

Nicolás Suszczyk's book, "For England, James: Notes on the Visual Impact of GoldenEye," can be purchased on Amazon.

Dr. Lisa Funnell's books "For His Eyes Only: The Women of James Bond" and "Geographies, Genders, and Geopolitics of James Bond" can be purchased on Amazon.

Em's Verbal Diorama podcast is available everywhere.

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