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July 24, 2020



Agent Scott Hardy

Whilst little is known about this relatively new agent, what is for certain is that he relies more on luck than skill. Hailing from London, England, Scott is mostly likely to be found at the local pub drinking an appletini and trying to convince people that George Lazenby is underrated. Before his most recent assignment to the SpyHards podcast he taught Baccarat-flirting and last-minute-bomb-defusing at the British Intelligence Academy. We are reliably informed he fancies himself as a bit of a ladies man. The ladies disagree.

Aliases: @tiberiushardy on Twitter & Instagram


Agent Cam Smith

A near life-long 007 fanatic, whose life was irrevocably changed watching Roger Moore snowboard to a cheap Beach Boys cover, British Columbia native Cam Smith loves nothing more than watching classic cinema and then manufacturing excuses to talk or write about it. While his career as an importer-exporter of rare antiquities can be action-packed, in addition to SpyHards he also finds time to co-host the long running Star Trek podcast Subspace Transmissions, as well as the Schwarzenegger film discussion show Arniegeddon. Also, Cam once tried tap-dancing in Rosa Klebb knife-shoes. It didn’t end well.

Aliases: @camvsmith on Twitter